We have a couple of hardnosed members that typically stay in the shadows. We’re bringing them out – front and center!


Name:  Sir Oscar Kona Davies
Height: 18″
Weight: 62
Birthplace: Oklahoma
Breed: Purebred English bulldog
Favorite Food: Whatever you’re eating.
Favorite Activity: Tie – Sleeping/eating. Wrestling with Felix.
Years as CEO of FSI: Two
Where do you see yourself in five years? Retired on a beach.
Favorite Quote/saying? When do we eat?
Why train at FSI: We stay current on exercise science and certifications. My dad tries to keep classes and training efficient and effective for members.

Name:  Felix Potato (Hoosier Bulldog Rescue named me) Davies
Height: 15″
Weight: 60
Birthplace: Unsure. My dad rescued/adopted me through Hoosier Bulldog Rescue, Indianapolis.
Breed: Mixed. Part English bulldog, part beagle = Beabull.
Favorite Food: Whatever you’re eating, and dog food.
Favorite Activity: Tie – Sleeping/eating/going on walks. Chewing on my brother, Oscar.
Years as CFO of FSI: 1.5
Where do you see yourself in five years? Taking over as CEO of FSI from Oscar.
Favorite Quote/saying? Where’s the party?
Why train at FSI: We are doing our part to bring fun, efficient, and effective fitness to the Wabash Valley.