FSI is a crazy, fun, challenging “gym” with talented, creative, knowledgeable staff that definitely get results. Since you either workout in a small class or with a personal trainer, you are assured of doing the specific exercises in the correct form. Modifications are readily available to meet individual needs. Each workout is new, no boring same old thing. Have you pushed tires?  Flipped a log?  Balanced water or sand-filled poles?  I have!  Signing up for a class or making training appointments hold all accountable and get you there on those days when it would be easy just to skip. Everyone at FSI is friendly and encouraging as we all work towards our own personal goals. Chris and Ivory get excited as they see you reach goals and continue to expand your efforts. Fun with results! FSI definitely improves your quality of life!

First, I love seeing the results and reaching new goals. Next, I enjoy both Chris and Ivory. They both push me beyond what I think is possible while still listening to me and watching my efforts, and correcting my form. No slacking allowed but also I’m not pushed beyond safety. The workouts are varied and fun.

Over the past 4-5 years, I have seen wonderful results. My bone density test results have improved. The scores are so much higher that my doctor feels no further testing is needed. My balance has noticeably improved. If I do trip now, I am able to catch myself and avoid a fall. My overall strength has greatly expanded. When I started at FSI, I couldn’t even do a normal push-up; now, I do full sets. I started out using a few weights. My weights have increased steadily; I now deadlift more than I weigh! I have not noticed any energy loss as I age, which I contribute directly to working out.

I train with FSI to maintain and improve my quality of life and mental sharpness. As a 70-year-old, I want to be as healthy and active as I can be.  FSI has quality, educated, dedicated staff that works with me to meet and exceed my goals.