I train at FSI to get and feel healthy. Also, it is in a great location. I like the people that I have met in the years since I started. Overall, I feel much better, and I am definitely stronger and healthier. My back does not hurt all of the time like it used to. My balance is much better, and I can jog a lot more than I could before. Not to mention, my Cornhole and Jenga game has improved, too! LOL 😊

The best part of my training is Chris! I know that I can start my day at the gym. Chris is a great trainer, and I never know what to expect day-to-day. If you have an area that you are struggling with, he is always there to help. Fitness Solutions is a great place to get a large variety of exercises that is a whole body workout every time with a splash of fun and surprises for the first 45 minutes of my day. I like the people I work out with every day and the new friends I meet along the way.