I enjoy working out with others and find the motivation from them that they are working just as hard to achieve their best/goals. From the first day I joined, I have felt welcomed as FSI. Chris is a wealth of knowledge and pushes me to give it my all!!! He is patient with me and ensures that I am completing the movements correctly as to not injure myself.

The most important thing I have gained since starting FSI in October 2018 is confidence. I look forward to going to FSI and have newfound confidence. I have more energy in my day to day activities. I have dropped one size so far and feel so much stronger. I can’t wait to see what the future brings working out at FSI.

I love to play TATER**!!!!  The best part of my training is the results that I am seeing. I like how everyone in the class is positive and encouraging to others. It isn’t a competition.

To me, FSI is a welcoming fitness center that does not judge you by size or age. FSI is a safe and encouraging atmosphere that will push you to do your best and help each person achieve their goals. I have been to many gyms, and this one is by far my favorite

(**Everyone needs to experience TATER!)