I had known Chris since the mid-1990s when we both worked for Union Hospital. Beginning then, and continuing to this day, I have always been impressed with the knowledgeable and evidence-based approach he brings to fitness and training. I have been particularly impressed with his articles in the TribuneStar. Each class and exercise he has his clients do is mechanically sound, and he is there with you to correct problems in posture and form, which could potentially cause injury.

As most individuals interested in remaining fit, for years, I convinced myself that I could maintain an exercise routine on my own and motivate myself to get to the gym several times a week. I seldom did. As a result, my lipid profile numbers steadily increased. Since joining Fitness Solutions, Inc., two years ago, my glucose, triglyceride, and cholesterol numbers have returned to normal, and I feel better overall. My strength and stamina levels have increased, and I don’t have the self-criticism for not exercising regularly.

As an aging athlete whose muscles and joints sustained the abuse of years of high school and collegiate wrestling, I appreciate Chris’s attention to the individual physical needs, limitations, and abilities of each participant. I enjoy the camaraderie of the fitness classes and the way Chris and the other participants make them fun. The music, light-hearted back-and-forth bantering, and the rousing and entertaining games of “Tater” are highlights.

Among the fitness programs/centers available in this area, Chris has by far the best one, focusing on safe and science-based multi-jointed, functional movements with a proven record of results. The classes are physically challenging but non-competitive and fun. Chris’s emphasis on safe and correct form in completing each exercise is paramount and guides every workout. In a short 45 minutes, an individual can achieve an intense workout while enjoying some good-natured back-and-forth bantering, an excellent education in music history, and an ever-changing interpretation of the rules and regulations of the game Hot Potato.