Haley Sakbun – March 2020

I began training at Fitness Solutions, my freshman year of high school with my older sister Apsara to help my swimming.  She’s currently swimming at Ball State. Improvements I have seen are that my walls and underwaters have significantly improved as well as the power of my kick when sprinting. I am not a very muscular person, but I am starting to notice my calves, quads, and biceps getting toned.

Hard to believe, but rowing and deadlifting, even though they are hard, are my two favorite workouts. With rowing, I feel really helps build my arms and simulates the pull of my strokes, which are also becoming stronger.  Deadlifting is also very helpful for pushing off walls and gives me a powerful start off the blocks.

I have had the best experience at Fitness Solutions. Chris Davies knows what workouts are the most beneficial to the sport you play, and he is very motivating. Additionally, he truly cares about his athletes and works to improve their mental toughness as well as physical ability.