We train at FSI because we love the atmosphere and Chris as a trainer. He pushes us to do our best and makes working out fun and challenging.  Michaels loves to lift weights, and he sees Chris as a mentor.

I have personally seen increased strength and definition in my legs and arms. Michael has put on several pounds of muscle and continues to do so. His quads and upper body has changed from a boy into a young adult. He often comments that he is no longer “thick” and is very pleased with his results in the past year.

The best part for Michael about training is his personal results and growth. On the other hand, I also love the results, the increased energy, and the mental therapy it provides. I most love the fact that my son and I have a common likeness. There are very few 14-year-old boys that like and want to hang out with their mom. I feel it is a bonding time for mother and son. It also carries over into our personal lives. We talk about working out; I think it has only strengthened our relationship. All of my kids have always come with me to work out, and the other two are just waiting to get older, so they too may join Michael and me.

I would describe FSI to a friend as an awesome laid-back gym that has a caring trainer that truly wants the best for his clients is there for them and will push them beyond what they think they are able to achieve. I feel like it is an extension of my family; everyone is kind, hardworking, and absolutely no judgment.  Chris focuses on exercises that work, not what is popular or the new trend. Michael and I always get a good workout; the proof is the next morning when our guts are killing us as we walk up or downstairs.