September 25, 20190

Crunches…only 30 more!

After nearly 25 years as a trusted fitness professional I still don’t, nor will I ever, know everything about fitness. It seems I learn new things almost daily. There are always new ideas I share and receive from colleagues to keep our programs fresh, effective, and safe. I still use the phrase ‘I don’t know, but I can find out’ a few times each week.


February 1, 20190

The following is a series of misconceptions regarding exercise and nutrition. I’ll provide facts and some opinion to dispel these fallacies.

Question 1: Can I turn my fat into muscle? 
No. Muscle is made of proteins. Fat is adipose tissue. It is physiologically impossible to convert one to the other. Fat is merely stored calories used as fuel for your body. Your basic metabolic functions and low-level activities require fuel to function. Fat is an abundant source.