April 2020 – What is EPOC??

November 5, 20216


Here’s a quick read to lead you to a better workout.
I sold my treadmill because it was boring. There are far better ways to get fit in a much shorter time than using electric cardio equipment.  If you are time-crunched and want a great workout with results in minimal time: read on.
It still funny to me when I see people working out for hours doing endless, mind-bending repetitions with light weights, performing dull, long slow cardio sessions, or waiting for a body part to recover before they hit it again. I understand if you are doing specific training for powerlifting or bodybuilding. But for the general population, sadly, this is how many people train. No wonder they get frustrated with little results and quit. Going through the motions takes longer to get results.
Science has long proven that excess post oxygen consumption, or EPOC, will burn more calories during exercise and maintain a higher calorie burn post-exercise than steady-state training. What is EPOC? It’s simply the amount of oxygen your body must consume to return it to true resting levels or homeostasis. To summarize; if you want faster results, skip the everyday long slow run or the 90-minute cardio class and get busy with high intensity, shorter duration training.
How is EPOC effect obtained through training? It is not achieved through endless light repetitions, sitting around, or long aerobic sessions. It is accomplished through high intensity, multi-jointed training. That is resistance activities that incorporate upper and lower body, or alternate between those, with little to no rest. The duration of a workout is less than one hour and as little as 20 minutes.
This can be heavyweights alternating between body parts, with little rest, medium weight activities where you go through, with sound mechanics, quickly and explosively, or high-level interval sessions during endurance activities. I’m talking heart-thumping, lung-searing, hard work. For those who engage in this type of training, you completely get it. EPOC workouts have even well-conditioned folks taking an occasional knee during a workout. They can be that challenging.
Any high-intensity workout can be scaled to any individual, and gradually increased as they get stronger. If you are new to high-intensity training, proceed gradually and build in 48 hours of recovery time after a session. It will take time for your body to recover and repair from the stresses placed on it. Additionally, if you are unsure how to get started seeking out a professional coach or trainer who understands the process.
The EPOC effect of high-intensity workouts has been shown to increase by up to 15% of the total calorie expenditure, during and post-exercise, over steady-state, or lower intensity training. That is, concluding a workout does not mean you stop burning exercise calories. Your post-exercise metabolism gradually returns to normal after exercise. However, the more intense the workout the longer your metabolism takes to return to homeostasis and the more calories you burn post-exercise.
One note of caution; this type of training is not for everyone. If you strive to avoid some physical discomfort while working out you may not care for it. But if you want to get stronger, lose body fat, increase your endurance while getting great results, give it a try.

Chris Davies, MS, owns Fitness Solutions at 1101 Walnut St. and can be reached at thfitnesssolutions.com or fitsolutions1@msn.com. He is a Master Trainer for Revo2lution Running.



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We have another member spotlight that you need to get to know – Lauren Rowe. Here’s a little insight on her fitness journey. 

I train at FSI as a great way to condition for tennis and stay in shape all year round. There is always a positive attitude, which is a great motivator to push me to get the most out of my workout.

I have noticed a great improvement in my speed and strength. The workouts are solid for all upper body, lower body, and core. Since going to FSI, I have seen tremendous improvements in all of those areas and my tennis game.

The best part of my training at FSI is getting a solid workout that pushes me every time I go. The workouts are variable, so all muscle groups are strengthened, which is important for my tennis game. All the people there are really nice, and Chris makes sure to push us to get the most out of our workout.

FSI is suited for any individual looking to push themselves and improve their physical state. The workouts change daily, are fun and unique, and the people who attend are all really friendly. It is overall a great place to go to get a solid workout.

WE also want to thank all who have accessed our uploaded training programs from the PT Minder app and who have participated in our virtual class training.             This is new to us and we are getting up to speed with the virtual class routine. We have added Yoga with Ivory Mon/Wed/Fri at 9:15 a.m. The class schedule has remained somewhat unchanged. This is to help you maintain a daily training routine. We did cancel the Tue/Thur 5:45 a.m. until we resume gym training.

If you are not able to access PT Minder or the virtual classes, message Chris and we’ll get it set up.
*Our virtual workouts are done through the Zoom platform. Many have joined in the classes to maintain a reasonable fitness program.
If you have suggestions on how we can better help you maintain your training, please let us know.

    Sign up online for a class today to start and/or continue your fitness journey!    





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