March 2020 – Best Exercise Known to Man

March 31, 20203


Efficient Fitness.

What is the best form of exercise known to man? It is the exercise you do briskly and consistently over your lifetime to produce health benefits.

Of late, the trend has been to package old exercises and brand them for financial gain. No real new exercises or science has come forward, just more creative marketing. Exercisers tend to get bored with routine and move on to the next big thing.

What I have learned and embraced is “open chain”, or functional exercises. The difference is you utilize little to no equipment versus the mindset of multiple machines, stacks of weights, and all sorts of cardio equipment. The pace is brisk, the rest is limited, the time is utilized efficiently, and the results are outstanding. Think of it as training fingertips to toes.

Regardless of your sport or the lifestyle you maintain, this workout will benefit most populations. If you are looking to shed pounds, increase your strength and cardio, feel better, and perform faster at your given sport, this stuff is for you.

The best part is you can keep your day job and still compete on weekends. You simply need two to four days and only 20-40 minutes each day to improve your performance. If you are already fast, think of this as some extra octane in the tank as you compete.

A routine can be as simple as 20 jump squats, 20 push-ups, and 20 crunches repeated three to five times with little to no rest between exercises. You can change the number of repetitions, exercises, rounds, etc. There are infinite ways to slice it and keep it fresh and effective. A routine as simple as this will improve strength and produce better results when competing.

If you do not compete, would you like to enjoy your activity more with less fatigue and quicker recovery? If you are weeding flower beds, hauling mulch, or power shopping exercise just makes you feel and perform better.

Open chain can be learned easily by most people. But to be truly effective and safe, it should be taught by a qualified professional who understands physiology and kinesiology. A trainer with a weekend fitness certification might not be the best choice to instruct these routines.

Open chain is merely using multiple joints during an exercise. For example, a push-up is more beneficial than the bench press. Why? Because a push-up has you supporting your body weight, incorporating nearly every muscle. A bench press has you lying on your back pressing upwards. Another example is a weighted squat versus a leg press machine. A weighted squat has you supporting and balancing the weight as you perform the exercise. A leg press machine has you lying or sitting while performing the exercise.

Be sure you are performing the exercises correctly and safely to minimize risk for injury. The key is to improve health and fitness, not to injure yourself.

Increasing fitness doesn’t take much time when done correctly. You must be consistent with your routine and vary it regularly to get maximum benefit.

Start Efficient Exercising and Get Busy Living!

Chris Davies, MS, owns Fitness Solutions at 1101 Walnut St. and can be reached at or He is a Master Trainer for Revo2lution Running.

Talented Swimmer Tells Her Story

             HALEY SAKBUN (photo by TribuneStar)

At Fitness Solutions, we applaud and happily promote our younger clients for their desire to improve their physical, mental, and athletic goals.

This month, we celebrate Haley Sakbun. She was the only Vigo County female swimmer to make it to the State finals this year in the 200m and 500m freestyle. She was a double winner in both events at the Avon Sectional. Haley is a sophomore and has her sights on a Big 10 swimming scholarship.
Here’s a bit about Haley’s fitness journey and successes…

I began training at Fitness Solutions my freshman year of high school with my older sister Apsara to help me swim.  She’s currently swimming at Ball State.

Improvements I have seen are that my walls and underwaters have significantly improved as well as the power of my kick when sprinting. I am not a very muscular person but I am starting to notice my calves, quads, and biceps getting toned.

Hard to believe, but rowing and deadlifting, even though they are hard, are my two favorite workouts. With rowing, I feel really helps build my arms and simulates the pull of my strokes which are also becoming stronger.  Deadlifting is also very helpful for pushing off walls and gives me a powerful start off the blocks.

I have had the best experience at Fitness Solutions. Chris Davies knows what workouts are the most beneficial to the sport you play, and he is very motivating. Additionally, he truly cares about his athletes and works to improve their mental toughness as well as physical ability.

Congratulations Haley!

Chris Davies has been tasked with defending his title for the Terre Haute Children’s Museum (THCM) 100 Men Who Cook on April 18, 2020.

Fitness Solutions has been a major donor to the THCM for many years. They were instrumental in developing the fantastic Ropes Challenge Course.

You can support Chris and the THCM through donating. Simply follow the link below. Thank you in advance.

Get busy living!


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