February 2020 – Back to the Future

February 8, 20200

New Fitness Trends

As we venture farther into the New Year, it’s important to reveal some of the hottest weight loss and health trends from 1948. Yes, I said, 1948.

A hobby of mine is collecting weight loss and exercise books pre-1950. It fascinates me to read what the experts were preaching as gospel for weight loss and exercise 70 plus years ago. The best part is it’s exactly the same things that are used today for sustainable weight loss.

I found ‘It’s a Sin to be Fat’ at a Texas antique book store. It’s written by Ann Williams-Heller with a copyright of 1948. The opening sentence is interesting, yet pretty accurate: “It’s a sin to be fat when you don’t have to be.”  It goes on to talk about how extra weight and heavy cushions of fat make you unattractive and clumsy. Certainly not politically correct, but has some validity in terms of vanity. Williams-Heller delves into the health benefits of activity and sensible eating. What strikes me is how relevant the information is even today. There may be a few tweaks to the science presented but when consistently implemented, it actually works for sustainable weight loss.

Chapter two: “The commonest causes of overweight are wrong food and wrong eating habits.” The author goes on to mention that 90% of all cases of obesity are due to overeating. Ten percent are hormonal issues, genetics, etc.  It seems reasonable to me. Having been a fitness professional for more than 25 years I am still a student of the craft. There are always new things to learn, changes in science and the like. What remains constant is everyone has an excuse for not taking care of themselves. The first person to come up with the solution to impart motivation on the un-motivated will likely win a world prize.

Chapter three discusses obesity cures, a.k.a. gimmicks, supplements, etc. She mentions that some may show short term results, but without a supporting diet, or maintenance plan, the results won’t be long-lasting. Interesting take on the supplement biz from 70 years ago. Same concepts of gimmicky products designed to scam you out of your hard-earned dollar. Today they just use old science with new, fancier packaging and marketing.

There is only one way to safely reduce: to eat properly. Wow! A health and wellness book, written in 1948, has the same boring information that really works today.  It goes on to explain the necessity to know your energy and nutritional needs. That would be a great time to hire a registered dietitian to help map the course for your successful venture into a new, healthier life.

As I work my way through this book, it strikes me that the fifty-plus billion dollar supplement industry really is funded by suckers, also known as the general public. If you rely on powders, shakes, pills, etc. to lose weight, get amped up for a workout, or replace meals, there is a better way to get results and save a bundle of cash. You already have an abundance of what you need as near as the local grocery store. It’s called real foods like lean meats, fresh vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Couple those foods with an abundance of daily physical activity, and you will get the results you are looking for.

Remember, it’s important to have fun and not deprive yourself of the foods you enjoy. Know your limitations and go in with a game plan. Also plan for an abundance of physical activity, even when you don’t feel like it. You’ll be glad you did. Get busy living!

Chris Davies, MS, owns Fitness Solutions at 1101 Walnut St. and can be reached at thfitnesssolutions.com or fitsolutions1@msn.com. He is a Master Trainer for Revo2lution Running.



Time to get to know our Trainers!!
(Most of you already do but if not, here’s a quick get-to-know-you on them)


CHRIS DAVIES (Owner/Founder/all-around great guy!)

Chris kills people for a living and loves it. He brings a unique member-focused, approach to training. Combining a Master’s degree in Adult Fitness and a long career in pharmaceuticals, he delivers a multifaceted and science-based approach to training. Chris understands many disease states and can adapt to virtually any client regardless of condition. He trains each member from a standpoint of where they are currently. No cookie-cutter design to his programming. Chris has been a certified personal trainer with American Council on Exercise since 1993 and also is certified by Revo2lution Running as a Run-Fit Specialist. He has been an endurance athlete for 40 years and has completed Ironman’s Hawaii and Florida, marathons, ultra-marathons, adventure races, polar bear swims, bodybuilding competitions, to name a few of his activities. Fitness Solutions is a major donor to the Terre Haute Children’s Museum and was instrumental in developing the Challenge Ropes Course. He has also won the Terre Haute Children’s Museum 100 Men Who Cook competition for many years.

Chris also has other passions, meet Oscar & Felix!


(Exercised experienced  & also a Nat’l Level Physique competitor!)

Ivory holds a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and Sports Studies from Indiana State. He holds multiple certifications including; Yoga Fit, Silver Sneakers Classic, Silver Sneakers Yoga, Spinning Star Level 3, American Red Cross CPR/AED. He has been personally training for 12 years. Ivory has been a National Level Physique competitor.

“I believe the human body is like a car, give it the right fuel, and proper maintenance and it will function properly for a long time. There is no special exercise routine or diet that is a quick fix for weight loss –only modifying your diet and consistent exercise is the key. I believe finding motivation to exercise is the defining factor that prevents one from achieving their goals. Once you make the decision to change your life, I will help educate and motivate you with achieving your goals.”

(talented in tough looks and an all-around badass!)

Oscar is fresh off the streets, a rough tough guy who is ready to be your fitness instructor! Training by special appointment only, although you may see him drop into a class to keep you motivated.

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