November 2019 – How Much Do You Sit in a Day?

December 7, 20190

Are You Inactive??? 
We have long known that inactivity contributes to premature death. Yet, why is it that so many people don’t exercise regularly? Lack of motivation usually tops the list. What will it take to get the masses moving?

What motivates people to move? Surviving a heart attack might work. The premature death of a loved one can work, too. Nagging isn’t the answer. Each person’s motivation is different. I have learned that until a person decides it’s time, no other person or event can get that person to change.

An example would be reality weight loss shows vying for cash and fame. They train for hours each day under the guidance of a trainer. They are fed specific low-calorie menus. They are counseled on diet and exercise, etc. The problem is most gain all the weight back, and more, because they were not ready to embrace the new lifestyle.

Look at the New Year resolutions crowd. Supplement stores and big-box gyms make a mint preying on the eager-to-be-thin crowd. Promises from supplement makers are usually bogus. The truth is the public consumes the products because they are too lazy to work for results. They are led to believe a shake, pill, or potion is the remedy for years of irresponsible living.  Those folks soon learn that the hundreds of dollars they wasted have provided no real long-lasting results. They didn’t learn anything about corrective health measures like eating well or exercising.

Now think of the hours we spend sitting at work, lounging with electronics, and driving. No supplement will reverse the effects of inactivity. Nothing but good old fashioned sustained physical activity will help resolve these issues. But you must decide it’s your time to make changes in your health and fitness.

I am sure people tire of me preaching nutrition and exercise. That is because getting long-lasting results requires consistent effort and discipline. Ask anyone who has pared off a significant amount of weight and kept it off long term. Nine times out of ten they will tell you they did it through healthy eating and exercise.  I bet most of those folks tried and failed at many fad diets, including supplement consumption and gimmicky programs. They found the motivation and decided it was time to stop wasting money, time and years of their life being overweight or unhealthy.

Social media will lead you to believe the latest and greatest, sexy, trend in exercise is XYZ. What you will find is most seasoned health and fitness professionals use tried and true compound movements to get consistent results. Those results are garnered through strength training and cardiovascular activity. There is nothing cutting edge or ‘proprietary’ about the exercises they employ. The programming is pretty routine as well. But you’ll likely get lasting results if exercise becomes a habit.

Remember, it is good to preserve and increase muscle mass as we age. The best way to do this is resistance or strength training. The consistent, vigorous, physical activity most days of the week coupled with a balanced nutritional regimen can help you live long, healthy, and disease-free, life.

Plato was pretty smart!

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