October 2019 – Don’t Act Your Age, Please!

October 29, 20190


I’m not scared, are you?


Let’s go play!
One may wonder why most adults don’t exercise. Many reasons come to mind. Most excuses that I hear translate to laziness and not making time. The real reason I believe, stay with me on this, is we have forgotten how to play.

As an aging adult and parent, I understand life gets in the way. When you say, ‘my kids wear me out,’ I get it. Even being reasonably fit, it is challenging to match the pace of kids at play. I can only imagine how tough it would be if I were not in decent shape.

When was the last time you really had fun working out? When I hear adults giggling like kids, while exercising, that is impactful. Though they are working hard, it does not feel like it. Before you know it time evaporates and you have completed a tough workout, relieving stress, and had a great time.

Exercise machines that require electricity are boring. When we are blessed with an abundance of trails and city and county parks, there is no reason to exercise on something that requires an outlet.

Besides money, there is a reason why the fitness industry re-packages old exercises and puts a flashy name on them; because the same, choreographed routine gets stale. Why force yourself to do something that is no fun when you could create or participate in programs that are challenging and different? You can get ideas from a reputable facility, there are some in town.

Many athletes have learned the value of structured play during training. The results are more intense workouts, an increased fitness level, and fewer chances of injury from doing the same, repetitive workout.

Even when working with children at the Terre Haute Children’s Museum, Joe Portillo and I, only briefly talk exercise specifics. Activities we do are play-based and fun. If they were regimented workouts we would lose their attention. Sound familiar? Adults get bored, too. When adults get bored they quit.

In recent years I have embraced a minimalist fitness mentality in terms of equipment use. Machines and other devices, are costly, take up too much floor space, and usually serve a single purpose.  For next to nothing, you can have a few select pieces that can be creatively applied with great results. Much like the child who gets a new toy, they find more joy in the box it came in. A creative fitness professional doesn’t need much to conjure up new things to do. Their playground can be anywhere.

Have you attended a work-related function or corporate event where they build in some activity time to break up the endless mind-bending meetings? Team building, recreational activities, group walks, stretching, etc. are what come to mind. Execs understand that some playtime for business people makes them more productive.  If play was not beneficial to the corporate bottom line, do you think execs would require it?

Play stimulates growth in every way imaginable. If you are not having fun during your workouts, or find the ordinary exercise routine a bit stale, join a kid in play. They may wipe you out, but you will have a great time.

When it comes to exercise please do not act your age.
Playtime IS for adults!

Chris Davies, MS, owns Fitness Solutions at 1101 Walnut St. and can be reached at thfitnesssolutions.com or fitsolutions1@msn.com. He is a Master Trainer for Revo2lution Running.

Look it’s our October Member Spotlight  –  Mark Frisz!

I retired as a wrestling coach in 2017. After which I was looking for a way to stay physically active. My wife had been going to Fitness Solutions for several months at the time. She invited me to go to a class. I have been hooked ever since. Chris provides challenging workouts for people of all ages and fitness levels. I really like the variety he puts into the classes. The classes are as tough as you want them to be. You get out of it what you put into it. I have never had a bad day at Fitness Solutions.

I thought I was in pretty good shape when I began going to Fitness Solutions, but nothing compared to how I feel now. My endurance has increased dramatically. I feel stronger and have better muscle tone. I have more energy to get through everyday living.

The best part of training at Fitness Solutions is Chris and the other members. Chris is familiar with each individual and has the knowledge and experience to plan workouts in which everyone can feel successful at the end of the class. He knows when you need to be pushed harder, or when you need to modify and moderate. The other members make the classes fun as well. Everyone is going through the same thing, so there is plenty of support and encouragement. The people who work out at Fitness Solutions seem to genuinely care about one another.

I would recommend Fitness Solutions to anyone who wants to improve their overall fitness and health. No matter what your fitness goals are, you can reach them by training at Fitness Solutions. It truly is training for life.

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