July 2019 – Dirt Therapy

August 6, 20190

Happy 4th of July from all of us!


Did you accomplish your New Year’s resolutions? Don’t feel bad. Most did not. Let’s do a hard reset and move forward.

Like many of you, my New Year was interesting, to say the least. Having been a runner for more than 40 years I experienced my first serious injury. Most runners have experienced this at one time or another. We accept things as they are, rehab, and move forward. It’s how we deal with these life changes that make us stronger and more resilient. It’s the way my body tells me I’m no longer in Ironman condition and should get used to aches and pains. I tend to be a bit stubborn.

After hitting the half-century mark of this life some years ago, it dawned on me that I was moving away from some things I used to enjoy.  Having been a reasonably competitive runner for most of my adult life, I was struggling to lace up the shoes for even the most basic mileage.

I was introduced to running in 7th grade at Sarah Scott Junior High. I was a skinny, short, yet decent basketball player. Good enough that I made the team, but not good enough to play. A friend suggested cross country running. I had no idea what that was. So I traded my high tops for running shoes and started a new athletic chapter in my life. In sports, as in life, when one door closes another one opens.

As a hyperactive kid running came naturally to me. My parents were grateful, too. Hyperactive kid’s need to burn off fuel and engage in activities that keep them focused. That’s why many hyperactive/ADHD kids and adults tend to migrate towards endurance sports. They learn to channel the inner focus to the task at hand for the best possible performance. Many times with excellent results.

Early mentors such as; Joe Houghtelin, Ed Scott, and Frank Jovi, crafted workouts that helped our cross country and track teams unleash some impressive performances through the years. Though I was not the fastest, I still looked up to teammates like Joe Wheatley and Dan and Don Johnson. They were talented runners who worked hard and were fast.

Some 40 years later running is still an outlet I am learning to fall in love with again. Though I never really left running behind, life and career happened. Trail running, or “dirt therapy”, has been my partner in all of life’s situations and has never failed me. By simply stepping out the door and hitting the trails it’s certain to be a great, therapeutic run. You can be assured I will leave the music and gadgets behind. Immersed in thought on my cerebral highway, sans playlist, is where my mind GPS takes me.

I often mention to people, any workout is better than no workout. Whether it was not your best effort that day, it is still in the books and you’re likely in a better place as a result. Your mind will be clearer and thoughts flowing as you press through the remainder of your day.

Though running gets a bad rap for damaging joints, when done in a smart, progressive manner, it’s safe. My injury simply happened out of nowhere. One minute I’m cruising along and the next minute I can barely walk. So much for getting old. Remember, a solid lifestyle that includes rest and recovery, sensible eating and cross-training help make running even more enjoyable and enduring.

From this day forward, resolve to be better than you were yesterday. Be better in many facets of your life. Whether you hit the road, gym, city or county parks, or routinely dig in the dirt, get out there and do something. Get busy living!


Check out Lorri Voltmer – our July Member Spotlight!

We are so happy Lorri shared with us why she trains at FSI and how she got here.

I train at FSI because I enjoy working out and the workouts at FSI are always challenging.  Chris changes up the workouts by making a game type setting out of some. The workouts are enjoyable and even though I continue to challenge myself to meet personal goals the gym and all the people in it are positive influences in me meeting my fitness goals. The biggest factor is that at FSI you are there for yourself and your own personal goals. You are not in competition with anyone. You are encouraged by others but no one ever judges you by the weights you use or what you can do.

I have seen a loss on the scale. I have also lost inches. My clothes are fitting better. The biggest results I have seen are the improvements in my running. When I started at FSI I could barely run to the tree without having to walk back and now I can run further and more times without stopping. This is not without the help of others encouragement and running by my side.  I have also increased my weight one time since I started at FSI. I started with a shoulder injury and now I am doing regular push-ups. You just want to better yourself and you know you can reach your goals.

The feeling you get after you are done with your workout. The accomplishment. You know that you are going to the gym and you will see the same people who are now becoming like family to you there right by your side.  You know that you will complete the workout. The feeling of reaching my goals. Making my kids proud of me. I want to be healthy and I do not want my kids to worry about taking care of me in the future.

It is a gym that you can reach your goals at your own pace while surrounded by positive people and a knowledgeable coach. It is not going to be easy but it will be worth it. There will be times that you want to give up but there will be people that will encourage you to keep pushing. You will see change and you will never be judged or feel out of place or uncomfortable. If you take the first step you will not regret it.

Who will garner the August Member Spotlight? 

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