August 2019 – INSPIRATION – Sometimes later becomes never – Do It Now!

August 6, 20190

Starting off with a few stretches…it feels so good.

INSPIRATION. Inspiration comes from things you experience. Some are born to inspire. Others are happy to be inspired. Inspiration is something we should practice daily and try to master. The world would be a much better place.

Last fall I observed a man in a wheelchair raking leaves.  It’s nature. Leaves fall and need to be collected. Certainly, the man has friends that would gladly have helped rake the leaves. But this guy didn’t rely on a handout to get a job done. He donned the rake, trash bags and was getting it done regardless of his disability. Inspiration.

I am inspired by the people I work with on a daily basis. Seeing an older female size up a loaded Olympic bar with 85 pounds, for the first time, is a sight to see. It made me laugh and inspires me to continue to be physically active while sharing a gift of fitness.

An elderly gentleman, unsteady on his feet, came in to start exercising. He had a stroke years ago and was not sure what to do. So he did very little, physically, due to his condition. Age was catching up with him so he decided it was time to get busy living. He is now able to lift and flip a 70-pound log repeatedly. His mobility and energy have improved significantly. Inspiration.

Working with Vigo County educators in the Fitness Challenge for Education was inspiring. We exposed Valley educators to a different type of exercise program. They were intense, consistent, and they saw results.  All the while they raised nearly $1400 dollars for the Terre Haute Children’s Museum and Vigo County Education Foundation.

Not only did some educators get fit and pass a message of health and fitness to their students, but the program also helped to uncover a life-threatening issue in one teammate. The teammate sought treatment from cardiologists, had a pacemaker/defibrillator implanted and is doing well. The Fitness Challenge experience was inspiring.

Living on Ohio Boulevard has been inspirational. Seeing the volumes of people, young and old, walking, running, and biking has been incredible. One would think Terre Haute is a very active city based on the foot traffic flow on Ohio.

Working with many area runners and multisport athletes, who were single-focused in their approach to training, has been entertaining, if not inspiring.  However, being from a multisport/cross-training background, I have always advocated multiple discipline training. Science has long shown that smart training produces better performances. For months now, some of our athletes have been on-board with our style of foundational training. Science doesn’t lie. They are running fewer miles and running faster times with less fatigue. The fact that they are venturing outside their comfort zone is inspiring.

Exercise alone will do a great thing for overall health. Exercise coupled with solid nutrition, i.e. Weight Watchers or a registered dietician, garners tremendous results. The folks that express a need to take charge and actually put-up are the folks who truly inspire.  They gained weight the old-fashioned way; slowly. The key to losing it is inspiring; no quick fixes, cleanses, hokey diets, shakes, wraps or supplements. Those folks look for an easy way out with disappointing results. The process of changing your life helps to instill the discipline it takes to complete the journey. Why cut through the alley when you can take, and better enjoy the scenic route?

Time to Get Inspired and Get Busy Living


Check out Amber & Michael Scully – our August Member Spotlight!

Here at FSI, we are so happy to have this “dynamic duo” with us! Here’s a little about their journey.

We train at FSI because we love the atmosphere and Chris as a trainer. He pushes us to do our best and makes working out fun and challenging.  Michaels loves to lift weights and he sees Chris as a mentor.

I have personally seen increased strength and definition in my legs and arms. Michael has put on several pounds of muscle and continues to do so. His quads and upper body has changed from a boy into a young adult. He often comments that he is no longer “thick” and is very pleased with his results in the past year.

The best part for Michael about training is his personal results and growth. I on the other hand also love the results, the increased energy, and the mental therapy it provides. I most love the fact that my son and I have a common likeness. There are very few 14-year-old boys that like and want to hang out with their mom. I feel it is a bonding time for mother and son. It also carries over into our personal lives. We talk about working out; I feel it has only strengthened our relationship. All of my kids have always come with me to work out, and the other two are just waiting to get older so they too may join Michael and me.

I would describe FSI to a friend as an awesome laid back gym that has a caring trainer that truly wants the best for his clients, is there for them, and will push them beyond what they think they are able to achieve. I feel like it is an extension of my family, everyone is kind, hardworking, and absolutely no judgment.  Chris focuses on exercises that work, not what is popular or the new trend. Michael and I always get a good workout; the proof is the next morning when our guts are killing us as we walk up or downstairs.

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After my workout, I like to rest a bit…

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