April 2019 – Spring Yard Work

April 27, 20190

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This is “Tater”!



How does this relate to my yard work, you ask? This means more post-yard work energy for more enjoyable things in life.

We have had numerous folks report that their yard work this spring did not wear them out or make them as sore. One client told me her husband put in two days of mulching flower beds and he was not sore. Another picked up sticks in her yard and was not sore or tired from all the squatting.  Through smarter workouts we see runners running faster. We have grandparents with more energy to spoil their grandkids. Office workers feeling better and having energy at the end of the day. This stuff really works.

Those are real results from people who, with proper instruction, have made significant improvements in their strength and fitness. They do it through pushing, pulling, throwing, and dragging various objects to accomplish this. This style of training better simulates real-life activities that aren’t easily duplicated at a conventional gym. Most have stopped training in a conventional gym and found better results in training smarter.

They were not afraid to try new things in their fitness program. Too often people get bored with their routine and quit altogether. They simply need variety and fun activities that better mimic activities of daily living without feeling like work. Look at the results I mentioned earlier. You can accomplish much more than vast amounts of yard work when you are fit. The possibilities are endless.

Variety should be paramount in your training. Your body quickly becomes efficient in doing the same activities. If you run eight miles on the pavement at the same pace four days each week, you become efficient at running eight miles at that pace. Run that same eight miles on trails and you would be in for a rough day. Simply because you lack variety in your training. A better approach would be to train for everything and be prepared for anything.

So if your goal is to run a marathon, complete a yard renovation, or simply to feel better, try some unconventional things to change up your program. Next time you come back from a walk or run do some push-ups, squats or lunges, and crunches. Cycle through those activities for five minutes or so. Bear crawl or crab walk up a hill. Do things different to tax your body. You will become more resilient.

The science of exercise has helped us better understand the physiology of the human body to train clients smarter. But really, the activities are much the same as they have always been. Crawl around, push, pull, drag, and throw things during your workout to see some significant improvements.

You might even remember to squat when picking up sticks!

Chris Davies, MS, owns Fitness Solutions at 1101 Walnut St. and can be reached at thfitnesssolutions.com or fitsolutions1@msn.com. He is a Master Trainer for Revo2lution Running.


Congrats to our April Member Spotlight – Peggy Crowe!

Peggy shared with us why she trains at FSI, what she likes best and talks about her results.

I needed to get back to strength training, but I’ve had issues with my neck and upper back for years.  That made me apprehensive about doing it on my own.  To help those issues be corrected, strength training was part of the answer.  I wanted guidance so I didn’t make my situation worse.

It’s all a work in progress.  Some days I feel like I rocked it when I leave the gym.  Other days, I feel like I’m not advancing as quickly as I should.  Looking back to where I began, it excites me to see the strides I’ve made.  I watch my 3-year-old granddaughter, and I am definitely able to keep up with her, carry her and play with her better than I could before.  My pain is much more manageable.  Physically speaking, I am stronger.  This has made me mentally stronger as well.

The best part of training is probably the Turkish get-up.  It’s physically and mentally challenging if done correctly.  I enjoy being challenged, and I compete against myself a lot during my workouts.

It’s like no other gym I’ve ever been to.  The absence of machines and focus on what I would call “manual” workouts are evident.  Chris individualizes the workouts for my goals/ability, but he pushes me too.  He knows when I can handle something new.  It’s a 1 ½ hour round trip for me, so I needed to feel a difference to justify the time spent going to the gym.  I have never left a workout at FS thinking it was a waste.  My progress seems as important to Chris as it is to me, and that means a lot.

(Who knew the Turkish Get-Up was so popular!)

Will you be next month’s Member Spotlight?  

Chris Davies, MS, owns Fitness Solutions at 1101 Walnut St. and can be reached at thfitnesssolutions.com or fitsolutions1@msn.com.

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Chris Davies, MS, owns Fitness Solutions at 1101 Walnut St. and can be reached at thfitnesssolutions.com or fitsolutions1@msn.com.
This is Oscar, our newest instructor.
Oscar is fresh off the streets, a rough tough guy who is ready to be your fitness instructor! Training by special appointment only, although you may see him drop into class to keep you motivated.

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