What is Fitness Solutions, Inc.?

Fitness Solutions, Inc. (FSI) specializes in science-based, fun and motivating exercise classes and personal training programs for busy people who want the most effective and efficient fitness program. Our members are professionals, stay at home parents, senior citizens, students, and athletes. All have one thing in common: they want to get fit without spending the day at the gym.
So we oblige them. We skip the trendy, choreographed, programs in favor of science-based movements that work. We have assembled some of the areas best, most qualified instructors and trainers to personally get you where you want to be.


How is Fitness Solutions, Inc. different?

We are a professional appointment-based exercise training facility catering to those who prefer structure and routine in their fitness program. Each day there are a variety of class and time options to choose from. Our training is unconventional, very effective, and efficient for the schedule impaired. All workouts last 45 minutes or less.


Can I exercise anytime I want?

To maintain quality and effectiveness of our fitness classes it is important we instruct with a high degree of integrity. Therefore it is important to adhere to our schedule of class times, or secure an appointment with one of our personal trainers. We do not offer an open gym format.

Why choose Fitness Solutions, Inc. over competition?

You know when you join most gyms and they show you the equipment and turn you loose? Fitness Solutions is not that gym. We are different.
Fitness Solutions offers high quality, hands-on instruction throughout each class. You are assured a fantastic workout with an instructor who has your best interest in mind. Each participant is actively assisted through a solid workout delivering results in an efficient manner.  FSI is not a ‘typical’ gym or health club environment. We have plenty of windows and outside areas, talented instructors and challenging programs. Members of all shapes and sizes will feel comfortable. No juice bar, supplements, or other short cuts. And water is free!


Describe Fitness Solutions, Inc.

FSI is a fun and exciting instructor-led fitness facility. You won’t find the latest selectorized machines, treadmills, or ellipticals. We use kettle bells, and some unconventional items coupled with a healthy dose exercise science, imagination, and creativity. We teach you to use your body for the purpose it was designed: movement. You are assured to get the most out of your fitness experience. Not interested in classes? Have our qualified personal trainers put you through an effective and fun routine.


If Fitness Solutions, Inc. is a gym, then where is all the equipment?

Funny you mentioned that. Up until a few years ago I bought in to using multiple machines and other equipment to reach fitness goals. Exercise science has shown that better workouts occur using multi-jointed, closed-chain movements and even one’s own body weight. This makes for a more effective and efficient, extremely convenient, and more versatile workout. Results don’t lie. Members frequently comment about how challenging their workouts are simply using their body weight for resistance. Get busy living!