We invite anyone, from beginner to advanced, to attend our classes. However, if a client has special needs, or is struggling with the most basic movements, we suggest hiring a personal fitness trainer to assist with establishing basic movement/technique patterns. That way, this will not take away from a coaching class environment. Each member will be required to complete a Participation Questionnaire/Indemnity Waiver prior to training. This allows coaches to determine your current readiness to exercise.


Chris Fit is a 45-minute class featuring high-intensity interval training (HIIT). This effective class features body weight activities, as well as kettlebells, and some other strength apparatus. Don’t worry, we teach and coach you to use these items correctly and safely. You may find yourself running or walking (up to 300 meters at a time), performing log flips, dragging tires, and many other effective and fun activities. This efficient class uses your whole body during training to get the most bang for the buck. Chris Fit is for anyone, regardless of current fitness level, or disease state. All activities can be modified to fit your needs.


Ivory Fit is a coached, 45-minute class that utilizes more repetition based training with a running clock.  You will utilize your body during most of your training and may incorporate rowing, running, biking, and strength training to meet your goals. Like Chris Fit, Ivory Fit can be tailored to fit any population regardless of current fitness level, or disease state.


Be ready for anything during this workout! The 45-minute session can include all types of training found in Chris Fit and Ivory Fit, and sometimes much more. Don’t be alarmed, any population can attend, be accommodated, and assured a great workout. You may find a grandmother training next to a high-level athlete, each doing their best during the same workout. It’s a great time!


FSI offers some of the best one-on-one personal training around. With many years of successful training, we have trained a tremendous variety of clients. But we understand each client is unique and has specific goals. We take the time to discuss and determine a solid plan of action and take you there. With the ability to train a vast population of clients, from apparently healthy, to the athlete, or to an older, more diseased client, we are able to tailor a program to fit your needs.

Nutritional counseling is handled by a registered dietitian, or our clients are referred to Weight Watchers. Legally, fitness professionals are not allowed to tailor meal plans for clients. It’s outside the legal scope of our credentialing.

Please contact FSI to determine if personal training is right for you and learn our rates and availability.


“The workouts are enjoyable and even though I continue to challenge myself to meet personal goals, the gym and all the people are positive influences in me meeting my fitness goals.” Kathi M.

“While I haven’t transformed into a bodybuilder, I have definitely improved my fitness based on what I can accomplish in my workouts.”  Jahmeel A.

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