When Chris Davies completed his master’s degree in Adult Fitness in 1995 he worked hospital and corporate fitness jobs for five years before leaving fitness to chase the almighty corporate dollar. Chris established Fitness Solutions, Inc. (FSI) in 2000 as a way to venture out and continue to train clients on his own terms and principles.  He trained clients part-time as a way to stay up to date with training and maintain his certifications. Meanwhile, Chris worked a full-time corporate job to support his family. Well into a successful pharmaceutical career, and after his father passed away, Chris realized the corporate world was taking a toll on him and he truly was not making a difference in the lives of people. His talent would be better suited for something that was more hands-on that could actually impact people’s lives every day. Instead of selling pharmaceuticals that helped people control disease, Chris realized prevention was a far better approach to health and wellness.

Chris opened FSI at 1101 Walnut St in the fall of 2013. More than five years later, FSI is alive and well with an established member base and clientele’ and boasts a boatload of success stories to boot. Any regrets leaving corporate America? Only that he didn’t leave sooner. Chris says ‘Every day is Friday in my world!’


To maintain the quality and effectiveness of our fitness classes it is important we instruct with a high degree of integrity. Therefore it is important to adhere to our schedule of class times or secure an appointment with one of our personal trainers. We do not offer an open gym format as you are always under professional guidance.


Funny you mention that. Up until a few years ago I bought into using multiple machines and other equipment to reach fitness goals. Exercise science has shown that better workouts occur using multi-jointed, closed-chain movements and even one’s own body weight. This makes for a more effective and efficient, extremely convenient, and more versatile workout. Results don’t lie. Members frequently comment about how challenging their workouts are simply using their body weight for resistance. Get busy living!

“Fitness Solutions provides the encouragement, guidance, and accountability to keep me motivated, moving, and getting busy living!” Diane U.

“My self-esteem has grown and surrounding myself by people who truly “care about my fitness” drives me to continue to work my hardest.” Allison H.

“Being an obstacle course racer and a trail runner, FS has improved my strength, speed, endurance, agility, and overall fitness level.” Frank B.